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Martial Law

by Kenny Knoxville

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More than 2 years from his latest release Kenny Knoxville is back with another hit! Composed by award-winning producer !LLMIND, Martial Law is a lyrical presentation of Kenny's impeccable wordplay and meticulous songwriting. Between the dynamics of unorthodox drums and a worshipful chorus that resonates with pure harmonics, Hip Hop fans will find new entendres and interwoven gems every time they replay the track. Kenny's only advice is, "Don't break your rewind button!"


God descended
I’ll con the senate
The house of congress shall fall with wicked
A single shot will signal all the politicians
Conglomerate get the business
I testify, now let Babylon witness

You waste breath when you speak
Yah lay waste to flesh
I rain death when I preach
Man made weapons are weak
Brass metals become sterile when melted in heat
Power vested in me
Blend my soul wit the ghost
Matrimony so holy
God’s the head he should lead
And my vessel lesser
So Protection I seek
Cuz I’m hella weak/
And I rest on the 7th after one hell of a week
Thanks for checking on me
My depression is deep
If I toss and turn, then I feel stress in my sleep
I don’t care that I’m a statistic
The devil’s got my soul and my dreams are mighty sadistic/
It’s pitched black and goggles tinted
Chronicles Riddick
My armor fitted wit cloth stiches
It’s twelve pockets in it/
A dozen rocks they all can fit in
And they all got different compositions
My alter lit until the saga finished
Real life is worst than a nightmare
My phone ringing is it billcollector
A nurse from the medical sector
Or somebody sellin a timeshare
Media channel lies what should I fear
It’s rumors of war, famines, plagues and
Earthquakes in various places
Nations rise against nation
These are the birth pains for the baby is Revelation
Matthew 24 shed light on the basics
Im light on my asics
Cuz real killers move in silence
But a boss commits a pawn to do his violence
So when death spawns from the Knight King
Just know only Yah can unleash Tyrant
Is death from God or the devil
I get lost when I think
So let His spirit lead
A former blood stained Liking
My sin was a crimson tiding
But my soul washed white as Vikings
That’s why I sing

As far as I can tell ya
Yahweh really loves you
Many times I failed but
Christ healed all of my wounds
Know this life is hell but
That RUACH living
If his spirit indwells ya
Shatan gone be rebuked

God’s the only hope that I depend on
I know you’ve suffered losses God says hold on
I need a word I chant a psalm float on
The Word of Yah
My Martial Law

The King of Babylon tried to bribe me wit diamond rings
I told him those idols, I can’t be aligned wit them
I said I wanna let iron swing
Not attach wrecking ball and chain below my thigh and shin
The tide went low from a mighty wind
The sky darken and clouds emerge, witness the rise of Leviathan
That’s the moment I’m tossed in the Lion’s Den
I tamed em all, killed one and left with a Lion skin
I missed the mark in sight again
Let Yah judge my heart repent and confide
I wrestle with demons wrestle my spirit, wrestle my conscience
Ostracized by the church, they say my doubt is nonsense
But I’m a different monster
Strut wit a rigid posture
I’m just brick in the mortar
Aqueduct livin water
My carnal nature bartered
Spirit never departed
And if I ever take a loss It’s blessings stored for martyrs
But stop wishin me luck
I’ll curve an L and strike back don’t give a
Fill in the blank, director yells cut
Cause you died on the set
I guess you should never trust
An actor claims he framed
The portrait full of disgust
This a game of death
Banana mag fill it up
I’m black on both sides
Now take a kick to a gut/
Kissin converse ain’t nun of my chucks
Ya ab duel (abdul) wit my foot
But lost so you throwing up
Sure I could could Ream (Kareem) my fist through ya soggy and soft chest
But rather you catch a bar (Jabar) that no one can contest
If I depend on God every battles a conquest
Lead me through the swamps, amazon and the marsh allah
No hope for my art of war apart from ya Martial Law
The moment ya grace evades same time that my carcass fall
The Torah the Word of Yah, but you worship Apostle Paul


released January 1, 2023
Produced by: !llmind
Mixed and Masterd by: TrapbyJack
Cover Art by SwitchinHD


all rights reserved



Kenny Knoxville Newport News, Virginia

A trumpeter with supreme lyricism, and just enough Music Theory to compose a wave that can reach across multiple genres. This former Jazz Band artist is just as passionate Hip Hop as he is with more diverse instrumentation. Kenny Knoxville's aim is to point the masses to the Savior in a way that can touch multiple genres. ... more

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